"Spotted Huntress" How to Paint a Cheetah in mini

Wow! My second instructional video and this one is even better then the first! You will learn all about rendering wild animals and their backgrounds. Patterns, textures and colors. Everything, step by step, to help you paint this painting yourself! 

Spotted Huntress DVD

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    The following is a review by fellow artist Sandi Macdonald: I own quite a few art instruction DVD's. Typically, the video starts out with lots of detail - up to a certain point - then all of a sudden it jumps to the finished work and you are left wondering - just how did the artist do that? Barbara doesn't hold anything back - every step is covered from conception to framing. Some other videos show each and every paint stroke with lovely music and no explanation (especially DVD's that are this long). Not Barbara - she has an amazing ability to talk coherently while she's painting and not only explains exactly what she's doing but also adds in lots of extra useful info. So although you get to see the entire painting, stroke by stroke, it never gets tedious or boring! I am a cat person and paint wildlife, so the subject matter is near and dear to my heart. I am happy that Barbara chose a Cheetah because most of the available DVD's feature tigers and it is great to see how someone else manages all those spots. Of course nothing is perfect, so I have a couple of very minor issues. The first few scenes feature some of Barbara's nude paintings and they are quite noticeable. Now I don't have a problem with nudes, but I was watching the DVD during my lunch hour(s) at work. I work at a Juvenile Court so that is potentially an issue. There are a few shots that are a bit out of focus and I wish the camera was more zoomed in on the first stages of the Cheetah's face. The flip side is that the reference material is shown side by side for virtually all of the painting and I found that gave me much more insight into the process. I am giving this one a definite thumbs up! Even if you paint in acrylics instead of oils (as I do) and you paint full-size rather than miniatures, this one is a must-have and great for beginners or advanced painters! Sandi Macdonald Thanks Sandi!