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Don't you just love large cats! A friend let me use her photos taken in Africa as reference. This is also a "How to" video and now it's on a tiny puzzle! These puzzles are partially assembled and can not be pulled apart completely. There are seven pieces that are separate. They are meant to be displayed in a miniature room setting as if someone was working on it and was almost finished. The tiny box is included and the lid can be opened. A completely unassembled puzzle can also be ordered if you are crazy enough to want to try and put it together. I have to warn you, it is very hard to do! If you want the unassembled version mention it in the notes section in your shopping cart page at checkout. A perfect gift for a puzzle or dollhouse miniature enthusiast. (For Ages 8 years & up. Not a toy) If you have another favorite image of Barbara's that you want to put on a puzzle, let her know and maybe that will be done next.

"Spotted Huntress" Dollhouse Puzzle

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