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Experience the serene beauty of an American Bison, right in your home with the miniature print "Tatanka", by Barbara Stanton, an international award-winning artist. This piece features an American Bison relaxing in the meadow, inspired by a memorable trip to Yellowstone National Park. Framed in a simple wooden miniature frame (not the same as pictured) , it is perfect for your dollhouse wall or can be displayed on an easel (not included) anywhere in your home. Own a piece of Barbara's artistic legacy and bring a touch of nature's serenity to your collection.
Framed Print: $18.
Image Size:  2 3/8"x 1 5/8" total size with frame: Approx. 3"x2"

With 5" Easel: $30.
(Purchase the print with the easel and you get a $2. discount from the original price of the easel alone.)

"Tatanka" Framed Miniature Print $18.

  • About Barbara Stanton’s Framed Copies

    Barbara Stanton is an artist from Livermore, Ca., who specializes in miniature paintings. When Barbara is finished with a painting, she makes only thirty color laser copies directly from each piece so they are the exact size of the painting. She works closely with the technicians to get the colors as close to the originals as possible and no other laser copies are ever made after this.  Next, she custom makes the miniature frames for each tiny print.
    Display your new miniature art anywhere in your home on a tiny easel (available for purchase) or on your dollhouse wall (they are scaled fit any  1”/12“ scale dollhouse and some can be displayed in smaller scales then that).  Have fun decorating your home with these amazing miniature prints!
    The laser copies are archival and will not fade, but it is recommended that you do not leave them in direct sunlight.

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